Experimenter Mini Deluxe


Kit comes with 4x 1/2 oz bottle of oil dye + 1 pair 7.5" Petri Dish glass + Rotating LED Disc.

Great for beginners or those on a budget!


Rotating LED Disc:

6" rotating LED disc. 5 speed, dimmable, direction controllable. Place your oils, dyes, or translucent media on top of it, and film with any camera (cell phone, photo camera, video camera), or run out as a live feed into a projector, video mixer, or computer using your live camera set up.


Oil Dyes:

1/2 ounce bottles of our very popular oil dye. Squeezable plastic with dropper tops. Even though they're minis, they will still last a long time if used right.

These are superior quality, transparent dyes for use in liquid light shows or fluid art. They mix easily with mineral oil, and float well on top of water, creating classic psychedelic blobs and swirly patterns.

Non-toxic, vegetable based formula.

1 oz glass bottles, with dropper top.

-Sunshine Yellow
-Cherry Red
-Limpid Green
-Blue Cheer


Petri Dishes:

Lab grade borosilicate glass. Approximately 8" in diameter (second dish is slightly smaller). These larger sized petri dishes are somewhat harder to find.

These work exceptionally well for blow plates, floaters, and plates where a flat bottom with spherical outline is desired for composition. These will fit into each other if needed, and can also be used to create a rudimentary squish.




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