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Ultra Deluxe Set Includes:

-Set of 8 colors of concentrated oil dye
-Pair of large lab grade 6" Petri dishes
-5 pairs of Super Opaque Moire transparencies
-LED Tablet
-Articulating magic arm, camera bracket, and Super Clamp
-Custom reusable padded box for matching plates
-Handy folder for keeping Moires safe



The only glass out there designed specifically for Liquid Light Shows! Perfectly matched top and bottom plate. Designed by Steve Pavlovsky / Liquid Light Lab.

Both sets are 15" bottom / 10.5" top / 3.4 mm thick. The bottom plates on both sets are curved, and will spin easily.

HOWEVER, the difference is in their curvature. Here are the details:

Classic FAST glass - Designed for speed and accuracy. The top piece has a pronounced curvature at the edges. It gives excellent, tight control over liquids in the right hands. It is higher than most anything which can be found on a standard clock, or other glass sellers, and also great for beginners.

SLOW glass - Offers a broader, tighter "squish" pattern. With the right mixture of liquids, they will create big gooey, bubbly shapes much easier. The speed will be slow (again with the correct mixture), and they can even be used as 'set and forget' plates.

All glass come in a reusable, padded box. Keeps glass safe during shipping and for continued storage.


These are superior quality, transparent dyes for use in liquid light shows or fluid art. They mix easily with mineral oil, and float well on top of water, creating classic psychedelic blobs and swirly patterns.

Non-toxic, vegetable based formula.

1 oz glass bottles, with dropper top.

-Sunshine Yellow
-Sunshine Orange
-Cherry Red
-Limpid Green
-Blue Cheer
-Purple Haze
-Icy Blue
-Crimson Red


Lab grade borosilicate glass. Approximately 6" in diameter (second dish is slightly smaller). These larger sized petri dishes are somewhat harder to find.

These work exceptionally well for blow plates, floaters, and plates where a flat bottom with spherical outline is desired for composition. These will fit into each other if needed, and can also be used to create a rudimentary squish.


Contains 5 pairs of designs (10 sheets total). Printed with two layers of ink for maximum opaqueness, on clear transparency film. The designs have also been refined since our last offering. These are heat resistant and waterproof.

Comes in a handy folder for storage and organization.

LED Tablet

Flicker free, dual led strips illuminate artwork. Great alternative to the classic overhead projector (pair with our Articulating Magic Arm for Cameras). Perfect for sets ups where cell phones, photo camera, and video camera are used to record, or live feed to a projector, video mixer, or VJ software. Solid construction / quality build.

Runs on 5V USB (long cable included, requires standard charging brick).


Heavy duty, professional grade 'magic' arm for cameras, color wheels, and other devices. Highly versatile, these arms can twist and lock in any position you can imagine.

Use any camera you may have, from a cell phone, to a DSLR, up to a professional video cameras. Film directly to the camera, or hook it up to a projector, video mixer, or VJ software. These also work great for mounting color and ripple wheels in front of projectors, especially in awkward places.

These arms are the same quality as more expensive 'Manfrotto' brand, yet cheaper than their lowest price online. Set include the articulating arm, camera bracket, and Super Clamp.



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