New "SLOW" Convex Glass Plates for Liquid Light Shows


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Offers a broader, tighter "squish" pattern. With the right mixture of liquids, they will create big gooey, bubbly shapes much easier. The speed will be slow (again with the correct mixture), and they can even be used as 'set and forget' plates.

Bottom plate is quite curved, and will spin easily. Also has a large width to prevent spills.

15" bottom / 10.5" top / 3.4 mm thick. - (Slow Style): Curve ratio of the top and bottom plates create a broader, flatter top plate in relation to the bottom plate.

Comes with reusable, padded box. Keeps glass safe during shipping and for continued storage.

I had the factory make the thickest glass possible for this run. Now 3.4mm!

The only glass out there designed specifically for Liquid Light Shows! Perfectly matched top and bottom plate. Designed by Steve Pavlovsky / Liquid Light Lab.



PLEASE ALLOW 2 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY (Within the US... International varies by country)

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