NEW! - Triple Plate Set with Padded Case


All new! TRIPLE PLATE SET! The best of all worlds. + Save $10 with this package.

Set contains the following:

- 10.5" Extra curved 'Fast' top
- New 12" flatter curved middle plate
- 15" Extra curved 'Slow' Bottom.
- Custom padded box for storage and transport

All three plates are designed to fit together. You can stack them, yet have individual movement for both the middle and top plate.

You can also experiment and mix and match. The 12" can go on top of the 15" by itself, while the 10.5" can be used just on top of the 12". OR, you can also try a new combination, using the Extra curved 'Fast' top (10.5") on top of the Extra curved 'Slow' bottom (15").

High quality 3.5mm thick glass. This is thickest I can get made.



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