Matched Plates & Complete Oil Dye Set for Liquid Light Shows - SAVE$$$

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-Sunshine Yellow
-Sunshine Orange
-Cherry Red
-Crimson Red
-Limpid Green
-Blue Cheer
-Purple Haze
-Artic Blue

These are superior quality, translucent dyes for use in liquid light shows or fluid art. They mix easily with mineral oil, and float well on top of water, creating classic psychedelic blobs and swirly patterns.

Non-toxic, vegetable based formula.

1 oz glass bottles, with dropper top.



The only glass out there designed specifically for Liquid Light Shows. Perfectly matched top and bottom plate. Designed by Steve Pavlovsky / Liquid Light Lab.

15" bottom / 10.5" top / 3.0 mm thick.

Comes with reusable, padded box. Keeps glass safe during shipping and for continued storage.

I had the factory make the thickest glass possible for this run. The top piece has a pronounced curvature at the edges. It is higher than most anything which can be found on a standard clock, or other glass sellers. Provides excellent control. Bottom glass retains some curvature, to allow for spin. Also has a large width to prevent spills.



Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.

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