NEW! - 12" Middle Plate


New Size!! Now offering a 12" diameter plate, with a flatter slump. Custom design.

These will fit well on top of the 15" flatter curved 'Fast' style bottoms, or under both the flatter 10.5" 'Slow' and extra curved 'Fast' top pieces. OR put it between both a 15" and 10.5" to get Triple Plate action)... Heads up, the fit will be very tight if used on top of an extra curved 15" 'Slow' bottom.

Rule of thumb: The relationship of the top and bottom glass affect the patterns possible, along with control. More space between them leads to easier, faster control, while less space between them creates a broader, slower 'squish'.

High quality 3.5mm thick glass. This is thickest I can get made.

Single piece only, does not include padded case



Please allow 2 weeks shipping (U.S. orders) Shipping times for orders outside US depend on local customs offices.

**If expedited shipping is needed, please email me to arrange!

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