6" Color Dancer LED Turntable

$99.00 On Sale

On Sale! $99 (Reg. 119.00)

Custom designed LED turntable, with 366 different patterns! I personally worked with the factory on these, and helped create this unique light tool to my specs. The unit comes with two remotes, one for controlling the dancing patterns, the other for controlling the speed and direction of the physical spin. The light patterns also have an auto cycle feature.

The can create any solid LED color, along with many many varieties of swirling, flashing, fading, and color alternating. The patterns are truly mesmerizing and psychedelic. It has a great pure white as well. Scroll forward or back through 366 patterns, control the brightness, and speed of the animation.

The rotation of the platter itself can also be controlled, adjusting the speed, changing directions, or stopping the physical spin.

I have been using this rotator underneath a camera. It makes excellent bottom lighting for liquids or Moires, but I have found it also works great by itself as a background or color influencer in a video mix.

The Color Dancer is 6" in diameter, and runs on a standard 5V USB (cable is included, brick is not. The color control remote comes with a 3V disc battery. The directional remote used 2x AAA (not included). Spin, direction, and light intensity can also be controlled right on the unit with a dial and buttons.

*Occasionally people say some LED devices cause a flicker in their cameras or cell phones. This is due to the electrical cycling of the LEDs not syncing properly with the shutter speed in the camera or cell phone. This issue is easily resolved by adjusting the shutter speed of the camera or the exposure of the phone. Usually the shutter speed is decreased, or the exposure is increased.


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