NEW! - 12" Color Changing LED Turntable

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Nice, solid 12" LED turntable, now with Color Changing! Use an included remote to through the color spectrum from red to purple, and white* (9 colors total). Also features 3 strobe speeds. Dimmable light. The spin of the disc itself is speed adjustable, reversable, and features 3 start and stop modes.

Video of it action:

Photos in this product post use just black and clear liquids to showcase the LED. However, I have found some very interesting color combinations between multicolored plates and the LED color. It will enhance and even create new colors in the oils, depending on the what is added in.

Use it to bottom-light liquids, Moires, or any other translucent or opaque material. Work it alone, or set something up on it and let it run by itself, while freeing your hands up to move over to another set of liquid plates, projectors, etc.

*The white color is biased towards blue, but I have been able to get it closer to white in video balance settings in my cameras.

Package contains:
1x 12" Color Changing LED Turntable
1x Remote Control (batteries not included)
1x Power Supply (In: 100-240V 50/60 Hz | Out: 15 volt / 3 amp)



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