"The Influencer" - Cell Phone Based Liquid Light Show Kit

$199.00 On Sale

All-In-One Package! Designed to be used with just your cell phone. Record directly to your phone, add effects and VJ capabilities (using suggested apps), output wirelessly (AirPlay, etc), or use an HDMI adapter to hook up to your TV or Projector.

Package includes:

- 3-point Articulating Camera Arm with Phone Holder
- 6" 'Color Dancer' Rotating RGB Turntable
- 6 Colors Liquid Light Lab Oil Dye (yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple)
- 6" Lab Grade Petri Dish Pair
- BONUS Moire Transparency Pair (random design from 11 available)

Priced affordably. $290 value for $199
(Arm: $89 / Color Dancer $99 / Dyes: $45 / Petri: $45 / Moire: $12)

Recommended Apps (these are iPhone based, so far... Will add Android based on user recommendations).
- native video app on phone (iPhone or Android)
-GoVJ version 3 - The best overall iPhone VJ app.
- VFX - Best for recording with effects in real time
- Jam Cam - Best or both worlds with live full screen output and effects
- 100VJ - Robust iPhone based VJ app with complex effects and full screen output
- your favorite video editing app...

Get video to a screen using AirPlay, Chromecast, Roku, etc. Get HDMI out using a Lighting or USB to HDMI dongle.. For iPhone, official Apple Lightning>HDMI dongle is recommended.

Component Details:

- Articulating Camera Arm with Super Clamp and Cell Phone Adapter
Lightweight arm perfect for setting up phone in any position.. Will also handle a small camera.

- 6" Color Dancer RGB Turnable
Unique Custom Design. 366 different color patterns, 12 solid colors, 5 speed rotating platter. Includes two remotes

- 6 Colors of Concentrated Oil Dye
Superior quality non-toxic transparent oil dye. Mixes easily with mineral oil, floats cleanly on water. 1/2 ounce bottles with dropper tops... All the basic hot and cold colors: Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Blue, Purple.

- 6" Lab Grade Petri Dish Pair
Perfect for floating plates (blow plates), and can be stacked for a rudimentary 'squish' pattern

- BONUS Moire Transparency
Highly opaque, waterproof ink. Design will be chosen randomly from our 11 patterns.



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