*Pre-Order* - The Super Color Dancer RGB Turntable

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Expected Delivery: Late August 2024 | (retail $199, pre-order $149)

Pre-Order Availability: 25 Units


This upcoming RGB turntable is one of that I'm super proud of. I've been trying for YEARS to work with a manufacturer to produce something like this at this size, and finally built up enough trust to have this on the cusp of existence.

- The bigger sibling to the successful 6" Color Dancer (16cm). Features a big 30cm (11.8") surface with 12 solid colors and 366 unique dancing light patterns, with all manner of scanning, scrolling, spinning, breathing, fading, and blending. Select solid colors directly, select patterns in sequence and control brightness, intensity, and speed (slow & smooth to very fast) with supplied remote... The physical platter also features an independent spin with start, stop, direction, and speed controls using a second remote.... Also, this one is completely silent! No beeps when selecting colors.

This Pre-Order is designed to help me with my up front costs of having these produced. In turn, I'm offering these at discounted price of $149. Retail will go for $199.

Production order has already been placed. I expected these to be delivered to me in roughly 90 days. Today is May 24, 2024, so these should be ready to go out to you at the end of August 2024. I will also send out periodic email blasts, as I hear word on different stages of development.

**Please note, the images and video are of the prototype, which is a bit bigger than what production will be. What you see here is 40cm (15"), while final will be 30cm (11.8"). The condensed design will be more manageable, while providing enough light surface to cover a full standard squash plate. The animated lights will also be closer to center, making their dancing light show more pronounced.**

**It's also worth noting that the white on these is a bit tinted towards light blue. I have found that this can be corrected with color temperature in a camera, and also doesn't matter as much once colored liquids or other media are placed on the surface.

Overall, this is a really good, solid piece of kit that I look forward to incorporating into my own light show, as well as seeing what you do with it!!


International Shipping Available!

Questions? Email me at [email protected]