Pro 12" Rotating LED Turntable


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Very nice, solid rotating LED disc. Offers 10" of illuminated surface, in a 12" case. Dimmable, flicker-free light source. Direction of rotation is reversable, with slow smooth spin. Has one switch for power, one dimmer for light, and one switch for direction.

Use it to bottom-light Liquids, Moires, or any other translucent or opaque material.

Work it alone, or set something up on it and let it run by itself, while freeing your hands up to move over to another set of liquid plates, projectors, etc.

These work GREAT with the new "Slow" Convex Plates, or with our Petri Dishes! This pairing is perfect when doing a multi-plate show, since they can be set up to run with minimal less attention, freeing you up to work something like lead, rhythm & blow plates, or move onto to something else entirely.



PLEASE ALLOW 2 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY (Within the US... International varies by country)

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