Convex Clock Glass for Liquid Light Shows

$120.00 Coming Soon

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High quality liquid light show glass, created specifically for liquid light shows. Custom designed by Liquid Light Lab

15" top / 10.5" bottom / 3.5 mm thick. Top has a pronounced curvature, which gives superior plate control.

I have been selling liquid light show glass for 4 years now. This is the best glass yet! Seriously... I had the factory make the thickest glass possible for this run. The top piece has a pronounced curvature. It is higher than most anything which can be found on a standard clock, or bought from other clock glass supplies. These are excellent beginner plates, or perfect for pro looking for a 'faster' plate. Bottom glass retains some curvature, to allow for spin. Also has a large width to prevent spills.

Comes with reusable, padded box.

*Please note some edges may have minor imperfections and might require a little bit of sanding. This is a quick process, which involves passing over the edge with a piece of sandpaper a couple of times, to smooth out anything left over from the custom manufacturing process. Sandpaper is included.


Please allow two to three weeks for delivery.

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