Concentrated Oil Dye - Single Bottles / Mix and Match

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Concentrated Oil Dyes for Liquid Light Shows. Non-toxic vegetable based formula. 1 oz bottles with dropper tops included. These are superior quality, translucent dyes for use in liquid light shows or fluid art. They mix easily with mineral oil, and float incredibly well on top of water, creating classic psychedelic blobs and swirly patterns.

Single bottle available, or mix and match to make your own set! Select colors from options below... Buy 4 or more and get FREE SHIPPING within the US... *Use code 'FOURORMORE' at checkout, U.S. orders only please*

8 Colors Available (pictured left to right in main image):

-Sunshine Yellow
-Orange Sunshine
-Cherry Red
-Limpid Greed
-Icy Blue
-Blue Cheer
-Purple Haze
-Crimson Yellow

Sample of colors seen in the next two quad images
(Image 1): Sunshine Yellow, Orange Sunshine, Cherry Red, Limpid Green
(Image 2): Icy Blue, Blue Cheer, Purple Haze, Crimson Red

Buy a single or any number or dyes. Choose from options below. Free U.S. shipping on 4 or more *Use code 'FOURORMORE' at checkout, U.S. order only please*

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